“There is a revolution going on in the world and it’s coming from the grass roots. It’s the revolution of the sustainable entrepreneurs, mainly women, and it’s about personal growth as well as an economic tool. It’s the feminine way to create business.” Quote by Lynne Franks (Founder of SEED-Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics)

Welcome to Excelsya Business, Media & Publishing Hub

Established in 2009, Excelsya was born out of a passion to provide access to business information for women, (especially mums) and making it more female-friendly. We do this by researching and compiling helpful business information into directories, booklets and resources to enable busy women and mums to venture into the world of business or social enterprise.

We provide tools that is mindful of the particular challenges that they face and is not meant as a statement to exclude men but simply a way of addressing a need of a particular client group. We understand that some women identify better with other women who have been in their shoes and overcame the same obstacles to create their dream business.

Our History

The Ultimate Women’s Business Information Directory’, was the first in a series of business information directories with women specific and industry specific theme.

It’s not a textbook, it starts where most small business end- at the essential and useful list of resources to get you started on your dream business. There is no other book like it in the UK!

  • Excelsya was launched in September with the publication of the Ultimate Women's Business Information Directory.