Business Support

Personalised one-to-one business support

Designed to Inspire, Enable and Empower you to achieve your dreams.

The Excelsya Business Buddy Services are based on the principles of a specialist mentoring programme created with women in mind.

This is a programme of practical and inspirational strategies designed to inspire, enable and empower you to achieve your dreams business.

It is based on three main principles of:

Step 1- Information

Step 2 – Clarification

Step 3- Direction

These principles directs the purpose of each session to help you get nearer and clearer about what you really want to do, the way you want to live and how you are going to achieve your goals in your own unique way but with real ‘hands on’ help.


Characteristics of Business Buddies

• Friendly

• Entrepreneurs or Experienced Business Professional

• Flexible

• Practical

• Excellent people skills

• Excellent at networking

• Passionate about business

• Specialist working with women


Business Support Services, Real help, as and when you need it

Starting your own business can be an exciting and daunting experience at the same time. You have to wear so many hats and work long hours. The road to start-up is different for everyone and the challenges are personal to your circumstances.

Sometimes in business you just need a like minded person to bounce off ideas and talk through important decisions to give you the confidence to take the next step. The Excelsya Business Buddy Service is based on a specialist mentoring programme with women in mind. Developing a relationship with your personal Business Buddy, who will endeavor to understand your industry and your business needs, will help you save time and great expense in the start-up phase of your business. They can give you a different perspective and new problem solving solutions, just when you need it at a fraction of the price of hiring a business coach or a business adviser. They are more experienced hands on help than a Personal Assistant. Every Independent Consultant who delivers services on behalf of Excelsya has the benefit of experience and self-employed business owner so they have first hand knowledge of the challenges you face in starting and running your business.

After each session with your personal Business Buddy, you will feel infused with inspiration, recharged and ready, with clear ideas of the next steps you need to take.

Your Business Buddy, Your own experienced personal motivator

A Business Buddy is a business information consultant. They are friendly experienced business professionals who are there:

  • when you just don’t know where to start from
  • when you want to see ‘the wood from the trees’
  • when you need a little motivation
  • when ‘two heads are better than one’
  • when you need ‘hands on’ professional help

The areas we cover include:

• Business Development

• Marketing

• Extensive library of resources

• Franchise opportunities

• Business Expertise

• Business Directory

• Business Jargon Explained

* Business Buddies are experienced business professionals but they are not intended to be business coaches or business advisers. The service is designed to offer information and informal support only.

Our Prices- Overview

Tailor made service at affordable rates

***FREE***First 30 minutes telephone conversation is free -no obligations.

• One-to-one brainstorming Session-

(from as little as £15 for 30mins of telephone conversation to £45 per hour face to face meeting)

• Tailored Information Research-from £10 p/h

• Training Sessions-from £50

• Newsletter/Brochures designed for your business

(in print)- price upon request

• Visits to trade shows/networking events – price upon request.

Let us know what other support we can help you with.

* Please note some rates can vary due to nature of the work required, length of time or complexity involved and the likely expenses. Your Excelsya Business Buddy Independent Consultant will explain and agree all prices before any service commences.


Personalised one-to-one Business Buddy Service

If you feel ready to explore the option of starting your own business but don’t how to begin, this is a friendly service offers you an initial FREE 30 minutes telephone conversation to discuss your business idea and or help you decided how to move forward. We will discuss your business idea with sensitivity and confidentiality, we will endeavour to provide you the opportunity to decide whether it would be viable to proceed or help find more practical and easier ways to move forward. This may sometimes include recommending taking up a franchise in the same industry. It will always be your decision.

This service is designed to help you bounce off ideas and talk through issues on your journey to your dreams, followed by weekly or monthly meetings or telephone sessions to help you stay on track. This also includes emergency calls when you need help making a quick business decision. You can choose how often and how regularly you would like contact. Sessions include detailed follow-up action plans. From our extensive knowledge library, we will also provide you with other relevant sources of products and services, help and advice.

In time, you will find that having developed and established a relationship with your personal Exclesya Business Buddy, you have created an invaluable source of advice from someone who knows and understand you and your business well.


One-to-one brainstorming session

Each business journey is personal and individual. In the start-up phase of your business, having someone to talk to who has been through it themselves, is invaluable. Excelsya Business Buddies are experienced business people who have up-to-date information on new business trends and tools which will allow you start on a smoother path to achieve your goals. They have a wealth of knowledge and connections which will help you save time, money and the confidence to launch. Sometimes on your journey, you come across a crossroads where the decision does not seem so obvious. Perhaps there is a new opportunity which requires you to rethink your initial business plan. For many successful businesses owners today, talk of the lonely path they had to take to create their empire. A relationship with an Excelsya Business Buddy means you will always have someone with you on your journey, who has a vested interest in your success as long as you need them, sometimes at short notice. With Excelsya you are just a phone call away- just one of the benefits we have over a large firm of business consultants.

*Please note: There are terms and conditions attached upon agreement to take up the service.

Your personal Business Buddy will talk over all the details with first.


•Initial 30 min telephone session – FREE

•30 minutes telephone session-£15

•1 hour telephone session – £25

•1 hour face-to-face session-£45


Tailored Information Research

Finding the right information to make the right decision for business could save you time, money and leave you free to concentrate on your strengths. With our wealth of information, research expertise and business connection, we can source of information and tailor it to the needs of your business, be it information on your competitors, the latest trends in your industry or a complete business plan. The information is presented in good quality presentation folders and in various electronic versions.


•Hourly rate for research- £10

•Compiling data and information fee-£45

•Complete business plan-£99



Having the right skills to operate your business could be the difference between success or failure. We provide a list of appropriate training courses. These could range from one-to-one basic computer training and/or group social media workshops on using Twitter, Facebok, LinkedIn etc. for your business. We could also help setup your own website. *These services are delivered by our network partners.

Price upon request.


Newsletter Publishing

Your potential clients or customers will need various ways to find you and learn more about what your business can offer them. Although there are various ways you can create your own newsletters, it is time consuming and requires particular design skills. Excelsya is a publishing company that also specialises in business literature such as leaflets, newsletters, booklets. We design and produce good quality, eye-catching printed regular and timely newsletters and brochures tailored to your business and your latest offerings. We endeavour to invest time to understand your business and industry in order to appeal the right customers and create materials you can use to promote your business.

Price upon request.


Visits to Trade Shows and Networking Events

Starting a new business can be exciting and daunting at the same time. One of the important aspect of the your business is learning more about your industry (competitors, suppliers associations, and trends). This usually means you have to attend various trade shows, conferences and networking events. We provide a friendly service that supports you to find the appropriate events and accompanies you to and from the event. We will also give you tips on how to conduct yourself to get the best out of the experience. This in turn will help to develop your confidence, open up opportunities for your business and help you create useful business connections.

Price upon request